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Tustin car accident attorneyStatistics show that California’s roads are among the busiest in the nation. Our state’s legislature works to pass laws to make our roads safe but there’s no guarantee that other drivers will obey these laws. Texting and driving and driving while under the influence are both strictly forbidden by California statutes. However, these two activities are the biggest contributors to motor vehicle accidents in the state.

You have been injured in a motor vehicle accident. You turn to your insurance company in hopes of getting the assistance you need to cover medical expenses as well as the normal expenses of life. Much to your surprise, after years of paying your premiums the amount your insurance company offers you barely pays for half of your medical expenses and nothing toward daily expenses.

Do you find this unacceptable? I certainly do. Yet many insurance companies offer ridiculously low settlements every day. The saddest part is that when people are injured, can’t work and are worried about how to feed their families they gladly take whatever is offered to them. This only puts them in a worse position. Some end up losing the homes in which they raised their families as medical and physical therapy expenses are paid before mortgages. Others are forced into bankruptcy.

Why? Simply put, insurance companies are in business to make money not to spend it and they don’t care who they hurt in the process. Many people don’t know that they have rights under the law in situations like these. As a qualified and experienced Tustin car accident attorney, I stand up to the insurance companies and fight for your rights. I understand the law and strive to get you every benefit of its protection. You don’t have to lose your home or file bankruptcy. You don’t have to choose between physical therapy and groceries for your family. Most importantly, you don’t have to accept an unreasonably low settlement from your insurance company.

You are entitled to fair compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering and disfigurement or permanent injury. Pursuing such a claim on your own is a difficult and often no-win situation. There are hidden dangers in doing so, such as the medical lien. Health care providers often want a portion of your recovery as payment for the services they’ve provided. In order to accomplish this, they place a medical lien on your settlement per California Civil Code Section 3045.1-3045.6 which grants them this right. Not all medical liens are valid. Even if the lien is valid the amount may be excessive. I am experienced in handling medical liens thus protecting your damages recovery.

If you were hit by an uninsured driver you may be able to file a claim with your own insurance company. While they may be required to pay you such claims are difficult to manage alone and are often wrongfully denied, delayed or underpaid.

Protect your rights. Call me today for a free consultation with an experienced Tustin car accident attorney.